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Open Your Creativity Meditation 18:45

This Quarantine time has brought up many fears and life questions for us all. We are in a collective existential crisis. This is a crisis of meaninglessness. What will our world and society become? Will we transform for the better? Will things keep breaking down? We are facing our fears collectively in the unknown.

Psychologist and author, Irving Yalom writes extensively about existential psychology. He says that the antidote to existential meaninglessness is creativity. We must allow our unique creative expression to emerge and manifest. Creativity is the cure for feelings of meaninglessness in the unknown. 

The Definition of creativity is: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, originality, progressiveness, and imagination.

This meditation is a guided imagery to open your creative portal. We all have an innate ability to imagine, innovate and create. Our creativity can manifest in many forms. Cooking, making art, gardening, playing with our children, creating new ideas for work and home life, innovating a new product, sewing, woodwork, or candle making. The list is endless. The more open your creative portal is, the more ideas and nourishment will come. 

In this meditation, you will journey inward. You will visit a time in childhood when you were filled with creative expression and joy. Secondly, you will visit a time in childhood when you experienced creative wounding. Perhaps you felt that you were not good enough. You may have even stopped yourself from creating, drawing, being theatrical or expressive.

Finally, you will transform your creative wounding and step into present day, to envision what you want to create. This time is rich with possibility to create and express.

This meditation will re-engage your creative inspiration, aliveness and expression.

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The music behind the meditation was graciously offered by DJ Sol Rising and Artwork by Clark Tate

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