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You Were Born Intuitive

Have you ever thought of someone and a few minutes later they call you? Have you had a dream that then comes into reality? Have you had a body sensation when you first met someone that repels you and you don’t know why? Have you ever just known which choice to make and you can’t explain it through logic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, that is intuition.

Everyone is born intuitive…yes everyone. Cultural and familial conditioning can squash our listening to intuitive guidance as we buy into the collective thought rather than our own direct download.

Intuition can be used for practical everyday life and not just big decisions. This can include where to eat dinner, when to schedule a particular meeting or which developer to hire for your project.

When I was choosing a pre-school for my son, I was overwhelmed. I turned up my intuitive senses and noticed that I became emotional at only 3 out of the 15 schools that I toured. I was able to narrow down my choices beyond logic and found the perfect spot for him.

Identify Your Intuitive Gifts

Intuition comes to us through different channels like languages of the senses. Most of us are dominant in one channel, yet we don’t recognize it as intuition. Here are some examples:

Clairsentience – clear feeling

When people say ‘follow your gut,’ this describes a form of intuition called Clairsentience. Clairsentience allows you to feel the emotions of people or places in your own feeling sense and in your body.

Clairvoyance – clear seeing

Clairvoyant dominant people are very visual and often use language such as ‘I see…’ as they describe things. They have an ease of seeing imagery, and often have vivid dreams that can be interpreted metaphorically or predictively. Some people can see spirits or beings beyond our ‘typical’ accepted reality.

Clairaudience – clear hearing

Clairaudience is the ability to communicate telepathically, receiving mental messages from other people, animals or even trees! Another form of clairaudience is when you speak as if there is a verbal guidance beyond your own mind.

Claircognizance – clear knowing

This intuitive sense has the quality of just knowing something, whether it’s the right choice to make or the outcome of a situation. This sense of knowing often defies logic.

Clairsalience – clear smelling

Clairsalience is the ability to smell things and have a sense about them. For example, one can smell depression or illness within another person.

Listening & Following

Many people describe their ability to sense, yet disregard their intuition and chose logic over knowing. The practice of experimenting with listening and following one’s intuition is key.

Intuition as a Treasure Hunt

I think of intuitive listening as following a treasure hunt of life. We are often not given intuitive messages about big decisions in life, but rather small steps along the way that lead to the big result.

For example, you go to a job interview for a company that looks great on paper, however you have a stressful body sensation as you enter the office. You are likely sensing the corporate culture and you can use this as a clue towards the decision you make.

There are no wrong decisions, just choices, and intuition can help shine the flashlight on the right spots.

Red Light, Green Light & Yellow Light

I created a simple intuitive trick for myself called Stoplight. Close your eyes, think of a question you have, and ask yourself for a Red, Green or Yellow Light. Red means no, Yellow means maybe (wait to decide) and Green is Yes. For example, someone invites you on a date and you are not sure if you are meant to go. Ask yourself for the light color, listen and follow through. With experimentation, you will see how true these yes, no and maybe guides pave out to be!

Intuition is available to everyone. It is important to validate what you do sense and develop the rest. Resource: Psychic Horizons San Francisco teaches Meditation and Clairvoyant Classes in person or virtual

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  1. David says

    Thank you for identifying our different intuitive gifts so clearly. Very insightful and helpful.
    I’m going to play “stoplight” with decisions!

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