We are all sexual beings

Everyone navigates questions about their sexual desires and fantasies throughout their life.

Clients often feel shame, guilt, fear and confusion about their fantasies and desires.

I help clients:

  • Clear off the shame, guilt and fear on desires and fantasies.
  • Sort between addictive and non-addictive behaviors and desires.
  • Clarify personal values and relationship values (for couples).
  • Establish clear agreements and action plans for individuals and couples.
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Monogamy versus Alternative Relationship forms

I believe in fostering all forms of relationships; and help clients and couples navigate their own personal values, needs and desires for themselves and their relationships.

The most important element is ones understanding of their own internal landscape.

Clear agreements create clear and clean outcomes. I believe in transparency and personal accountability.

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Sexual orientation and personal identification is an important aspect of knowing the self.

I help clients:

  • Clear off the shame, guilt and fear for their desires and personal sexual and/or gender orientation.
  • Navigate the coming out process with friends, family and community.
  • Work with same sex couples on relationship dynamics and themes.
  • Help clients going through gender identity alignment and changes in body and community integration.