Expressive Arts Therapy in San Francisco

As a therapist, I use expressive arts as a healing wand for the personality and excavation for the soul’s true voice.

We are culturally trained verbalists and often we get trapped by our mind stories and self-analysis. Expressive Arts opens up non-verbal channels of awareness to personal and collective unconscious knowing.

My desire is for clients to connect deeply with their unique symbolism and trust the wisdom that arises.

Ultimately my goal is for each person to be their own guide, trusting their images, body awareness, sensations, sounds and wisdom.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts theory weaves between multiple modalities: drawing/painting, journaling, guided imagery, music, authentic movement, somatic awareness, meditation, and dreamwork.

Moving between modalities around one theme can bypass defenses and get to the core of the matter.

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Expressive Arts Therapy and YOU

Each of us has creative wounding from childhood. We must first heal those wounds and restore the gift of our unique creative expression in order to truly tap into the intuitive knowing self.

I work with each client in modalities that are in harmony with their unique self. I am deeply influenced by the work of Expressive Arts therapist Paulo Knill and Carl Jung.


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